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Types of Tempered glass for smartphone…6H, 9H, 9D, 11D ???

Types of Tempered glass for smartphone…6H, 9H, 9D, 11D ???

Most of the users purchase smartphones either a budget smartphone, mid-range smartphone or very affordable smartphone, they always install tempered glass in his smartphone.

As smartphone company says already our smartphone’s display is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass, but most not most all smartphone is always installed Tempered glass for screen protection they are never hearing what our smartphone brand says about Display.


When you purchase a smartphone then you make a purchase of Tempered glass also and there are lots of option in front of you when you make a purchase of Tempered Glass like 6H, 9H, or 9D, 11D and many more, so I think you confused lots of which have to purchase for you and which is best for you… so let’s know the meaning of these words 6H,9H or 9D, 11D

Meaning of 6H – 

These words are very important for selecting a tempered glass because these words mean how much scratches can be suffered from this type of glass. To understand clearly pickup a Pencil and read the written character and you will found these characters. It means the tempered glass can suffer these pencils scratches easily so when you make a purchase for tempered glass read these characters it helps you much for not coming scratches to your phones.Types of Tempered glass for smartphone...6H, 9H, 9D, 11D ???

Meaning of 9H –

This word is also similar for the upper line, but 9H having a high capacity to protect our smartphone from scratches, I again give an example of a pencil but here you find 9H instead of 6H. I would like to suggest you always buy 9H tempered glass for higher protection for your smartphones. Never think pencil as an example in a really tempered glass company using these to show the scratch protection capacity of Tempered glass through Pencil.

Types of Tempered glass for smartphone...6H, 9H, 9D, 11D ???

Meaning of 9D – 

This word is used to show the hardness of tempered glass, but in reality, they are using for sells promotion…..

Yes and again yes…

This word is used to increase the sales promotion of Tempered Glass because peoples think the more high number of values will be best but reality these are fake. Here means Diamond (non-metal) object if you are a science lover then you know definitely how the diamond is strong, well I am not a science lover, I don’t have knowledge about this, anyway I think you understand the meaning of word and meaning on numbers also.

I think your doubt has been cleared now why tempered glass company using these words. Basically, there are 2 types of Screen Protector in current technology,  let see these points also.

  • Plastic Screen Protector
  • Glass Screen Protector

Plastic Screen Protector  – This Screen protector is made of plastic layers, in short, we can say these are looks as paper. This is the oldest technology and nowadays no any peoples are using these because they do not provide our phones protection form breaking of Display.

Glass Screen Protector  These protectors are made of Glass they provide much protection as compare to Plastic Screen Protector. This is the newest technology from last some years. 
There are 3 types of Glass protector in the current –

  • 2D Screen Glass protector,
  • 2.5D Screen Glass protector,
  • 3D Screen Glass Protector.

Conclusion – I think now you have known about the types of Screen Protector Glass very well, so if anyone is trying to misunderstand you then mention my this blog to the person and tell him to read this. 

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