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5 Different Ways to Monetize a Blog

5 Different ways to Monetize blog and earn money easily

In this era of blogging everyone has a question about how to monetize my blog? So, in this post, we discuss 5 Different Ways to Monetize a Blog and make money.
Once you have set up your blog and the traffic is coming all your way, then it indicates that you are all ready to start monetizing your blog. Listed below are five different ways that will help you to know how to monetize a WordPress blog.

1.   Affiliate Marketing

It is just performance-based marketing. As a blogger, your main task is to include links to a product or the services that are offered through another business’s affiliate program.
What happens is, if anyone of your visitors click on that particular link and purchase the goods or the services then you will get a small commission of the cost.
When you opt for the affiliate program then you promote only those products that are very much relevant to your niche. Moreover, you must also keep in your mind to promote only those products that you have used personally. All try to add a disclaimer on your site, this will help you to protect from any unforeseen circumstances.
If you want to know how to monetize a blog without ads, then for that circumstance affiliate marketing is the best one.

2. Google AdSense

You will find that there are some people who create a self hosted blog. They create this only for the Google AdSense and ads, as they are one of the most popular networks.
The main intention behind all this is to make money just by displaying ads on your website. You will be amazed to know that there are two ways by which you can start earning cash from the Google AdSense.
There are two ways that will help you to know how to monetize your blog with Google Adsense. Among them, one is based on impression and the other one is based on the number of clicks.
The one that is based on impressions is directly dependent on the page view. For instance, for each and every thousand of page view that you will, you are going to earn a set dollar amount.
Whereas, in case of the clicks there is no relation based on the page view. In Google Adsense for WordPressif a visitor clicks on the ad directly from your site then you will earn some cut of the revenue that is allotted to the ads.

3. Course and Services

Just think of the fact that if you are teaching your visitors only through your blogs then at the same time you can also create a learning platform, where the visitors can learn through the paid online course.
If you are getting confused about how to sell the courses, then let me tell you that you can do so by setting up an 8-week course all through the automated email message.
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Some common example of the online courses includes Social media training for serious marketers, Audience business Master class and the Article Writing Master class. The number of sold eCourse membership is directly depended on the number of people who are willing to purchase it.
Apart from all this, you can also offer services like that of the freelance writer as many bloggers are opting to do that. You will be amazed to know that they get paid for writing content for other people. Depending on your area of interest you can write articles.

4. Consulting

It is also one of the popular ways by which you can make money with the help of your blog’s traffic. Just by providing these services, you can even charge a small fee from the readers.
For instance, just consider the fact that you blog about social media. Now, just for a one-hour session over Skype call, you can charge an amount around seventy-five dollars.
Over the call, you can discuss the client’s social media strategy. On addition, you can also send a detailed report via mail about how to improve that particular strategy.
You will be amazed to know that there are few bloggers who sell their services for an amount of around three hundred dollars for just an hour. If you want then you can also go for the mentoring session, where you can earn pretty well.

5. Paid reviews or the Banner ads

Just keep in mind that if you are generating a decent amount of traffic then there are probable chances that you might be approached by the business looking to sponsor your site. Generally, it has been noticed that there are two types of the request that is, Banner ads and the paid reviews or you can say as sponsorship posts.
Paid reviews is a situation when a business sends their product and then they have to write a review related to it. In other words, it can be said that they just sponsor for the blog.
Here, you are not forced that you will have to write a positive review. On the other hand, there is some business those who sponsor a specific post in exchange for the link back to their site.
You will be delighted to know that it is one of the ethical practice by which you can disclose the sponsorship to your readers.
Whereas, the banner ads are similar to the one that sounds. These are the ads that are placed in a banner style that is usually in the sidebar. The best part is that the business owner who is sponsoring the ad will pay you monthly so that you keep the ad on your site.
Once you follow all the above mentioned ways then you will get a brief idea about the most successful monetized blogs, then i am sure your blog is eligible to monetize
What are the things that one needs to consider in order to just monetize their blog But one thing you will have to keep in mind that this process cannot be done until or unless you create your own website.
Because only after the successful completion of creating the site, you will be able to make use of this strategy.

Conclusion –

I hope we worked best and i hope you easily understand our article 5 Different Ways to Monetize a Blog, if you have any difficulty then comment below, we try to help you. If you like our post 5 Different Ways to Monetize a Blog then don’t forget to share to other and in social media platform too


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